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The James Dean Foundation was established in February 2014 to support and assist patients after traumatic injuries, patients with muscular dystrophy, and to all those afflicted by accident or congenital musculoskeletal disorders.

The mission and goal of the James Dean Foundation is to help and support patients in spinal units, trauma and orthopedicdepartments, and in other departments that care for patientswhose musculoskeletal system offers limited or no mobility.

All proceeds from the James Dean Foundation are directedtowards offering specific and dedicated help for patients paralyzed after car accidents and other traumatic injuries, resulting in irreversible damage to their spinal cords, in subsequent partial or complete paralysis and loss of the motor function of their musculoskeletal system, as well as help for patients with muscular dystrophy and other serious motion disorders.

Let’s get together to help people whose lives were changed in the matter of a second...